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Real Estate Photography & Video Production

We create more than just videos, we create experiences. 

Indoor Walk-throughs
Feature Exhibits
High-End Video Quality
Voice Overs and Scripts

Aerials that amaze.

Why hire us for Real Estate?

Look, we know. You have a buddy that has a drone, and he’s willing to come down and do a couple of pictures or maybe a video walkthrough of your newest listing. Perhaps even free. So why should you hire our company to do something you or a friend could probably do? 

Well, here are three reasons why.
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Reason 1

It seems like a good idea at first to minimize cost on your listing video/pictures. And on smaller properties it probably is. But if you want to be BIG in the real estate industry and be the person that the big fishes wish to work with, you need to make sure your listings look stunning.

We aren’t going to tell you that your work is terrible, it’s probably not! Drone’s these days make it easy to get passable shots. It gets the Job done. But is it the best that can be done?

When you work with a company like ours, you get high quality; color graded buttery smooth video that stuns potential buyers and your next potential listing.

Let me ask you a quick question, imagine you are talking with a homeowner who’s getting ready to sell her 500,000 home. She’s been interviewing a few different real estate agents and trying to figure out which one she wants to work with.

You tell her that you have a buddy who can take drone footage of the property and that it’ll help it sell faster.

Okay, congratulations! You sound like the other 75 agents that are biting at the bit to come to take this listing for themselves.

Now, imagine being able to say something like this.

“We care about selling this listing for the best price, and we will invest the marketing dollars to get that done. We even work with a professional video production company that will come in and make a cinematic quality video of your property and home. Complete with a high-quality 4K Aerials, a video walkthrough, narration, premium, and color grading.

Wow, now If I was interviewing all those realtors and had to pick one… I know who I’d pick.

Reason 2

More Professional
Introducing yourself as a real estate agent by day, drone pilot by night doesn’t exactly scream specialty. YOU… are a fantastic, licensed qualified real estate agent and you have the portfolio and record to back it up. Why would you try to be a drone pilot, video editing, color grading, audio engineering film expert?

Let our team of highly qualified individuals take the complicated, tedious, frustrating nerdy film stuff that we love, and you can spend that extra time wooing potential clients.

And like we mentioned above, it’s always more impressive to be able to say you are bringing your client’s value by hiring a company to come to get the Job done right.

Reason 3

We buy a liability policy for each Job that we perform up to 2 million dollars with our drone company. That means FAR less headache for you if something does go wrong.

Plus because we sharpen our flight skills regularly, we can get shots most hobbyist wouldn’t be able too.

Reason 4

IT SAVES YOU PRECIOUS TIME. You are a busy individual, and it saves you time to have a company come in once and get the job done right. 

We have a clear invoicing procedure and can get the job done right the first time without the need for reshoots. 

Basic Package

10 to 20 Aerial Pictures

RAW 4K Print Quality 

Color Enhancement Editing.

Addon – Pro Interior Photos

+$100 up to 10 rooms



Advanced Package

Includes Basic Package

+ 1-2 minute edited Aerial Video

+ Full HD Resolution

+ Choose Soundtrack & Custom Titles



Ultimate Package

Includes Everything Previous Plus-

+Full Interior video Walk-Through.